Cattery Services

At Purrfect Place Cattery, we offer exceptional cattery services to ensure your cat’s comfort and well-being while you enjoy your holiday. Our luxury cat accommodation provides a range of specialised services to cater to your feline friend’s needs. With individual attention, including daily grooming and indulgent massages, your cat will feel pampered and relaxed. Personalized updates in a daily diary keep you informed about your cat’s experiences at our “spa.”

We understand the importance of communication, which is why we offer access to SMS, WhatsApp, and email facilities for you to stay connected with your beloved feline friend. Our cat hotel overlooks a fruit orchard, offering quality entertainment through bird watching. Additionally, we provide medicine administration for cats requiring medication, ensuring their health needs are met. Climate consideration is also important to us, with amenities like hot water and bean bags available during cold evenings and winter.

Whatever special needs your cat may have, we are here to provide the necessary care and attention. Choose Purrfect Place Cattery for exceptional cattery services tailored to your cat’s comfort and happiness.

Individual Attention: Including daily grooming and a full body massage.

Personalised Updates: A daily diary will keep you up to date on kitty’s life at the “spa”.

Communication: Kitties also have access to sms, WhatsApp and email facilities to keep in contact with their parents.

Quality Entertainment: Multiple bird feeders surround the cattery to ensure maximum entertainment daily.

A Room with a View: The houses are North facing & on a clear day your cat can see the Hartbeespoort Dam!

*Medicine Administration: Is your kitty on medication? No problem at all! We administer anything from pills to insulin.

Climate Consideration: Hot Water or Bean bags during a cold evening and during winter.

Special needs: We are able to tend to any need that your cat has, please specify if your cat needs special attention of any kind.

Vaccinations/Inoculations: Against 3-in1 & Rabies as per the agreement but not within 14 days prior to entering the cattery accommodation.

Deworming: In the last 3 months prior to entering the accommodation.

Fleas: Anti-parasite treatment e.g. Revolution.

All cats older than 4 months must be sterilised.

No cats with the following will be accepted into accommodation: Ringworm; Feline Leukemia, Diagnosed with FIP.