About us

With the Purrfect Place Luxury Cat Hotel your babies become our babies for their stay. Our promise to you: Your cat will never share accommodation with a cat from another family. We pride ourselves in being meticulous when it comes to the hygiene & safety of your furry friends. We will love your cat as if it is our own & spend the necessary time with them to make them feel right at home. In short, we are committed to giving your feline baby the best care possible

At Purrfect Place Cat Hotel, cats are given a safe and comfortable environment to stay in. The facility typically offers individual cat suites, each equipped with cosy bedding, scratching posts, toys, and other amenities to ensure a pleasant and stimulating experience for the cats. The staff at the cattery are trained in handling and caring for cats, ensuring they receive proper attention, feeding, and monitoring of their overall health. Our staff is a close-knit wife and husband team with Bonny as the cleaner. Bonny also loves animals and has been with us since 2008.

Moreover, Purrfect Place Cat Hotel may provide additional services to enhance the cats’ experience. This includes playtime sessions, interactive toys, grooming services, and specialised diets tailored to the cats’ individual needs. The aim is to create a stress-free environment that mirrors the comfort and familiarity of home while ensuring the safety and well-being of the cats throughout their stay.

In summary, Purrfect Place Cat Hotel offers a professional and dedicated cattery service where cat owners can confidently leave their pets knowing they will be cared for and given a purrfect temporary home away from home.

In 2001 Suzette lost her baby “Donsie” to feline bladder cancer. He was a beautiful ginger Maine Coon that had been with our family for 21 years. Upon the euthanization of Donsie, the Vet had stated that it is so hard to find good quality accommodation for kitties in Johannesburg.

With that in mind, my mother went home and pondered the possibilities, after all, she always wanted a safe place for her cats to stay when she went on holiday. In honour of Donsie, we opened the Purrfect place in December 2001.

The opening of Purrfect Place, marked a new era for the le Roux household. We now have more cat food than human food in our house, more cats than family members & a greater animal community than we could have ever dreamed of.

Suzette le Roux & Donsie

Suzette le Roux
Suzette is the founder, and has been the owner & manager of
Purrfect Place since December 2001.

A place where your babies
become our babies for the
duration of their stay”
-Suzette le Roux.

Neill le Roux

Neill le Roux
Neill has been a part of the
Purrfect Place since the

He is in charge of continuous maintenance and support. He fills any role necessary to keep your furrkids purring.


Bonisiwe Msomi
Meet Bonisiwe, a mother of two and the Purrfect Place full time cleaner since 2008.

Bonny is exceptionally good with loving our babies & cleaning up after them. If need be, she puts in extra effort to ensure that your cat
feels right at home.

“We always check whether you can take our babies before we book our holiday accommodation.”

Purrfect Place Cattery Client

“We are so grateful to have you take care of our babies while we are gone.”

Purrfect Place Cattery Client

“I’ve had the most incredible experience with Purrfect Place. Suzette is outstanding, an absolute pleasure. Thank you for everything.”

Glenn Marc
Purrfect Place Cattery Client

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